A Message to Patients – 19th October 2021

A message for our patients

Our staff are very important to us without them we could not run our practice. It upsets them and us when we hear patients have been abusive toward them.

Please could I ask you remain polite and courteous to our staff who are working hard to accommodate your needs, they have also experienced the pandemic and are trying their very best for you.

We have worked hard during the past 18 months not only to provide a normal as possible GP service but have also ran a COVID vaccination hub working long hours to vaccinate 30,000 plus patients.

We do record our phone calls and any patient who is aggressive or threatening to our staff will be immediately removed from our list.

Due to patient demand for our services you may have to wait longer for our phone line to be answered. Although you will be offered the first available appointment if may be a longer wait for an appointment with the GP of your choice.